TruEdge Hockey

Developmental Skating and Skills Program

Speed, intensity, repetition and overall journey of development are the focus of TruEdge Hockey.


With our consistent coaching players gain the necessary skills and confidence to perform at the highest levels.


Each athlete benefits from the uniquely intense TruEdge environment allowing them to transfer those learned skills to the game.

TruEdge Programs


Under the direction of Erie local Brian Ramm, TruEdge Hockey was founded in 2018. Its development came as a result of his participation in many years of hockey in the US College System and various Canadian hockey leagues. It was the realization that the most successful hockey programs focused on the core elements of balance, agility, flexibility, power, quickness and explosiveness.


Most skating schools and clinics are short in duration and do not allow for the repetition of drills, which is how TruEdge participants master a skill set. Our programs are designed as schools with longevity to allow for mastering of skills to help make our players dreams a reality.