TruEdge Skating & Skills Program Details

The TruEdge Skating and Skills Program is designed for those players that want to take their skating and puck skills to the next level.

Available for 2007-2015 birth years. There are two separate sessions we are offering which are the Wednesday group and the Tuesday/Thursday group. The Wednesday group will consist of one session with the 2007-2010 birth years and the other will be one session with the 2011-2015 birth years. The Tuesday and Thursday group will be one session with the 2007-2015 birth years. Should you haver to miss a session, you can make it up on any of the remaining day or evening sessions.

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Summer Session:

Wednesday Group (June 30th-August 18th):

Birth Years 2007-2010: 6pm-7pm

Birth Years 2011-2015: 7:15pm-8:15pm


Tuesday and Thursday Group (June 29th-July 29th):

Birth Years 2007-2015: 10:15am-11:30am


Drop-In sessions available $30